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  1. BTK-8 Ultrafast Real Time PCR System

    BTK-8 Ultrafast Real-time PCR System upgrades on the basis of traditional fluorescence quantitative instrument. It not only preserves high sensitivity of polychromatic fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument detection, but also has made an improvement on traditional pcr instrument by reducing the original 1.5-hour PCR experiment to 20~30 minutes, whichgreatly saves the users precious time. Its Windows Touch-Screen Operating System edit and run programmes by itself. Instead of connecting to the computer, it can directly connect to the printer to print the report. BTK-8 Ultrafast Real-time PCR System is available with 4-color fluorescence channels, the temperature-dependent fluorescence optical system can acquire all channels simultaneously. Highly sensitive torival ABIQuantstudioTM 6.
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  2. Nucleic Acid Extractor

    Highthroughput automatic : Using our superior magnetic bead transfer technology, 96 magnetic bars work at high speed, you only need to click on the screen, 96 samples are completed in 20-40 minutes, and the sample can be processed up to 1000 copies per day. Customers with quantitative needs provide standardized solutions. Multi-modular configuration : The 96-well module and the 24-well module are freely switchable. The 96-well module has a single-wellvolume of 2.2ml, and the 24-well modules have a single-well volume of llml. Customers no longer have to worry about the large amount of sample loadingo Temperature control : heating and cooling dual temperature control design with lysis and elution to complete the experiment efficiently, the heating module can quickly heat up to 100 C, combined with the deep-weplate and 96 holes without temperaturedifference to ensure experimental uniformity.he cooling module can quickly cool the hole to 4 C, and it is safe to store the nucleic acid without transferring it immediately.
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  3. Medical Nucleic Acid Extractor

    Dimension: 830mm530mm525mm Weight60kg
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