BTK-8 Ultrafast Real Time PCR System

BTK-8 Ultrafast Real Time PCR System
BTK-8 Ultrafast Real Time PCR System
Product Description

1. Daily rapid detection and emergency detection for CDC, Customs Inspection and Quarantine

2. Clinical medical testing. Develop various diagnostic reagents and POCT emergency detection on this platform

3. PCR Technology Development and Application Tools for Research Institutes.Fast and efficient PCR experiments to improve the efficiency and level of scientific research

1. Outdoor Instant Detection Scene Application, such as immediate and rapid on-site inspection by armed forces and legal operation department

2. Food Safety Monitoring, such as African swine fever, blue ear disease, foot-and-mouth disease, Newcastle disease virus, foodborne microorganisms, aquaculture diseases, meat adulteration detection and so on

Detectable samples:

Pharynx swab, nasal swab, anal swab, oral swab, culture, Bacterial fluid, serum, plasma, vomit, diarrhea, animal tissue, plant tissue, etc.

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