Disinfection robot

Disinfection robot
Disinfection robot
Product Description


Bioteke disinfection robot (DR1001) is the latest generation of automatic cruise disinfection robot. It has the function of microbial disinfection + purify air + improve air quality. DR1001 integrates the hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, nucleic acid pollution cleaner, air purifier, ultraviolet lamp disinfection car, negative oxygen ion generator and other functions, which is the first choice for disinfection and purification of customs, disease control, hospitals and other units!

microbial disinfection + purify air + improve air quality


1.Efficient elimination

Dry mist hydrogen peroxide + ultraviolet dual-mode disinfection, Pathogen removal efficiency can reach 99.99%

2.Eliminate false positives

Remove DNA / RNA fragments from nucleic acid detection laboratory space,

Removal efficiency can reach 99.9%

3.AI intelligent control

Automatic space modeling with laser + vision system

Independent disinfection, no manual intervention required

4.Air improvement

Negative ions released by the negative ion generator can effectively remove the floating particles in the air, second-hand smoke, dust, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. 

C.Main Parameter 

Model TypeDR1001Product TypeSterillizer

Product NameAutomatic disinfection robotDimensions440 *700 *1420 mm

Intended useEnvironmental disinfectionDriving speed0.52m/s

Disinfection methoddry fog, ultraviolet lamps

Obstacle-Climbing Abilitygo over protrusions within 20mm and gully of 25mm

Climbing angle 10

Battery capacity90AH

Life time6 hours

Charging methodAutomatic charging + manual charging

Dry fog particle size 5 m

Dry atomization efficiency 15ml/min

Nucleic acid removal efficiency99.9%

Operation modemanual mode, automatic mode

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